Wedding Ribbon Decoration Ideas For You In 2018

wedding invitation with ribbonWeddings are generally exciting but expensive events to plan. The décor is one of the crucial parts of a marriage that showcases your personality and taste as a couple. There are very many wedding decoration ideas that one can incorporate, but one of the most inexpensive components to use are ribbons. They are very versatile and can transfer a simple wedding décor to a breathtaking one with just some simple steps. Here are some of the wedding ribbon decoration ideas you can incorporate at your wedding.

Ribbon Wedding Invitations

Invitations are the first step to a wedding. They should not be dull. Your guests will also be excited if your letter is exciting and cheerful. What better way to do that than have wedding invitations that have ribbons? It is out of the norm and speaks for itself. A satin ribbon would be a perfect choice for this occasion. You could use any design you want and shapes that you would like. One of the most common ways to do this is by tying a custom-printed satin ribbon on the invitations.

Ribbon-Bound Wedding Programs

Wedding programs come in all types and sizes. Using personalized ribbons from an online store like FinerRibbon can add the extra edge to them. It can wow your guests since it is not every day that you see wedding programs designed with them. You can also make them yourself to add a personal touch to them. It is a cheap option to go for and will automatically reduce your wedding expenses since you are saving the money that you could have used on the programs.

Ribbon Flower Girl Basket

ribbon flower basket

One of the ways to complete the flower girls’ outfit is by having a flower basket. You can have a ribbon fringe which will be perfect for holding petals. The girls will love it and will look lovely with these designs. You can use the theme colors to make them match with your decor.

Wedding Bouquets

The ribbon is an essential part of the bridal bouquet, and you should use it. It is mainly used to hold everything together since the flower branches are usually wrapped beneath. You cannot do without it. Apart from this, you can also add ribbons to the bouquet. It would make it look original and pleasing to the eye. You can use them in many ways in the wedding bouquet. They come in a variety of colors so they will add some sophistication to your décor and theme.

Satin Ribbon Strips

Ribbons already come in strips. All you have to do now is to choose the width you prefer preferably one-inch or more for it to be noticeable. The pieces can be used for a variety of purposes.

One of them is to decorate the chairs. Choose the colors that go hand in hand with the theme of the wedding. Attach them to the chairs, and you are good to go. You can also decorate the aisle with them to match the chair decorations. A wedding backdrop can also be decorated with ribbons of different colors. It would add life and zest to the wedding. Having vivid colors will make the décor pop instantly; avoid dull colors. Custom-printed satin ribbons from will personalize to the whole event.

Wedding Corsages

Most weddings have corsages for the bridal parties. These corsages have a specific theme that complements that of the decor. Ribbons can be incorporated in the corsages for example; they can be used to tie it. It can be combined with a variety of things such as bows, lace, natural and artificial flowers. The choices are endless. With these combinations, you will have a fantastic corsage for the wedding.

Ribbon Cake Decoration

The cake is the masterpiece of any particular wedding. It must stand out. There are many decorations available for a wedding cake, both edible and non-edible. The satin ribbon is very popular in cake décor, and it is hard to miss it in a wedding. It is usually tied around the lower layer of each cake. Contrasting colors can be used to show the different layers of the cake. This is not a must since the couple can decide to go with one color that they like. These ribbons add elegance to the cake, even though they are not edible. Another way of using them as a cake décor is by using it to make a topper for the cake. An example of this is a small flower bouquet with ribbons that replicate the one the bride is carrying. offers variety of options for decorative ribbons for weddings.

Hanging Ribbon Rosettes

You can combine two or three ribbons to make rosettes. They are then suspended from the ceiling and give an appearance of clouds across a clear blue sky. The rosettes can be in a variety of colors of your choosing to match the theme of the wedding. This arrangement will amaze your guests and will act as good decorative pieces.

There are many ways to use ribbons as your wedding decorations. All you need is to be creative with your ideas. It is a cheap method and doing it correctly will make it a perfect décor for your wedding. It is also versatile since it comes in many colors and sizes and should undoubtedly not miss your wedding décor.

What You Should Know About Wedding Photography

If you are going to have your wedding shortly, it is very important to invest in a professional wedding photographer. These are individuals that will be able to come in with professional equipment, and using their expertise, capture what may be one of the most important moments of your life. What many people will do is depend on friends and family that are attending to obtain these pictures, which is much easier today because of the advent of smartphones that have excellent cameras. However, there is a definite difference between someone that is just snapping a photo and an actual wedding photographer that understands how to capture the moment, which is why you might want to consider hiring one of these individuals. There are a few tips shared by one of the best wedding photographers in Austin TX that you need to know, even if you are going to do this on your own, to make sure that every moment of your wedding that is memorable is captured.

What Wedding Photographers Do

Before presenting a few of the most vital tips to wedding photography, my friend in Austin Texas suggested that it’s a good idea to discuss what the professionals tried to accomplish. When they arrive at your wedding, they are going to look for vantage points where they can get the best shots and angles. They will also have a multitude of photography equipment that will be used including cameras, digital cameras, and video equipment if you have requested that a video is shot during the ceremony. It also depends on if you have them film during the reception after the wedding, regarding how much will cost and the type of equipment that they are going to bring. If you are going to do this on your own, you will also have to go through similar steps to finding places to position people that you know that will have cameras that will be willing to take the shot for you. This is all a wedding photographer does, but like any skill, the person behind the camera needs to know how to capture the moment.

Tips On Getting The Best Shots

There are three specific tips that you can use if you’re going to do this on your own and have people capture your wedding on digital film. First, you need to make sure that they capture shots where people do not know that they are taking a picture. This is where you can get some of the best images because everything is 100 percent natural. The second shots that you need to make ours during the ceremony itself. You need to be able to capture the moment while people are only focused on the bride and the groom. Likewise, the bride and groom are not going to be thinking about anything but the vows they are going to say, and listening to what the preacher is saying while the ceremony is going on. You can get vivid moving pictures if you are at the right vantage point, so make sure that you find out what this spot will be based upon where you will be standing and what positions are available. Finally, the after wedding shots are typically the ones that people share the most above and beyond the actual exchanging of the vows. These are photos that are staged, and typically have a beautiful background or backdrop, creating very memorable moments. People can get crazy during these times, making funny faces, and assume different poses. As long as you can take multiple shots at different vantage points, positioning people at many different locations where the wedding ceremony is going to be, is easy to have people that you know capture these and-and up with something fantastic.

Whether you decide to hire a professional to take the images of your wedding, or use these simple tips for getting people ready once the ceremony has begun, you can easily get some of the best shots possible by just choosing the right locations to take the images, and make them at the right time, in order to capture raw emotion. Likewise, all of the pictures that are taken after the ceremony typically have a multitude of happy people, sometimes even drunk. However, this creates some of the most surreal and memorable photos that you can get from a wedding, images that can be taken by family and friends.

Photography Tips For Beginners

Are you a budding new photographer? Don’t worry, even the pros were new to photography once! At first glance, clicking pictures can seem daunting, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the entire process. Many beginners that later pursued photography careers have endured plenty of trial and error on the way to success. Though many photographers still prefer shooting with original film, many are finding that digital photography is easier to understand and less costly.

beginner photographer

To help you get started, here are some of our top tips on digital photography:

1. Don’t invest too much money into photography equipment or assume that your affordable digital camera is holding you back. Sure, fancy digital cameras are all the rage, but ultimately, the quality of your photos depend on your ability to arrange your subject matter. Any professional photographer will tell you that composition is the key to achieving the perfect photograph.

2. You need the right light to achieve beautiful and stunning photographs. Many photographers get up early before the sun rises or wait until the sun goes down to catch the right lighting. Shooting pictures in bright daylight will cause the images to be out of focus or too harsh on the eyes. With enough practice, you’ll start to recognize the perfect lighting to achieve the photos you want.

3. Learn about the different settings that are available on your digital camera. All cameras work differently, but some of the major functions are universally found on all of them. The more you know about how to use your camera, the easier it will be to adjust the lenses or figure out which mode to shoot your photographs in.

4. Though many people initially assumed that it’s best to shoot your photographs in JPEG format, it’s not true. Choosing the JPEG format means that your images are set in stone, and when you go to edit them, you’ll find that the changes you’ve made compressed your images. Professional photographers prefer to use RAW as their format of choice. It directly uses the information from the camera and allows you to use the data directly on your computer to edit the images.

5. Be brave and don’t be afraid to make plenty of mistakes before you start to notice an improvement. No one woke up with a camera and started shooting gallery worthy images. Photography is an art form, and your work is never finished. The more you practice, the better you will get, but you will need the patience to excel!

6. Keep an eye out for an interesting subject matter that you can point and shoot. Often, novice photographers forget to look at the entire picture, and only focus on one object. You need to consider the entire composition of the piece, and that should include the background. The background of your photographs should add to the overall appeal of your photography, and not detract from it.

7. You will want your pictures to be sharp and well focused. One of the most important ways that you can control this is by truly paying attention to shutter speed. The focal length of the lens should be equivalent to the shutter speed to shoot the perfect images. Usually, you can listen, and if you hear the shutter open and close, you will end up with a blurred photo.

If you’re dedicated to your art, it’s important never to lose faith and have enough patience to learn how to do better. No one became a professional overnight, and if you’re serious about your work, be prepared to spend years on trial and error.

Why It’s Important To Invest Money Into Wedding Photography

When most couples look to cut costs associated with their wedding day, the first thing they cut is photography. It is often seen as an unnecessary expense, and why have it when friends and family already come equipped with smartphones? No one can argue that most smartphones come with a decent camera, but is that any way to remember your big day?

Many brides that have been interviewed long after their wedding day have voiced their frustrations about opting to cut professional wedding photography. Of course, in hindsight, everyone is a lot smarter, but when it comes to weddings, most couples don’t get a do-over.

What is it that makes photography so important? Why should you spend money on a wedding photographer?

Photographs Offer A Lifetime Of Memories

Your wedding day will go by in a flash, and before you know it, you’re already back from your honeymoon. Years from now, don’t you want to be able to remember your big day and recall all of those special moments? Without images or videos, your memory will eventually become blurry, and as you get older, you will regret not having photographs.

Jessi Marri, one of Houston’s best wedding photographers, says, “Photographs last a lifetime and can be passed down to your children. Mostly, you can say that photographs chronicle a life well spent. Why not have an album dedicated just to your wedding?”

Photographs Catch Those Little Moments

You don’t see the way you act on your wedding day unless you have photographs to look back on. Those little moments when you say your vows, cut the wedding cake or dance as a couple will get buried in your memories. In fact, you may not even remember the little things when your day is over. Most couples end up focusing too much on the stress of making the day work out that they simply don’t get a chance to see the real happiness behind the event.

Adding further to her above comment, Jessi Marri said: “In a way, photographs can see the inside of the soul and capture the little moments that we often take for granted. Couples in Houston TX that opt to have a professional wedding photographer present for their ceremony and reception have found that it provides invaluable mementos for the future.”

Photographs Capture The Romance And The Mood

Years from now, when you have children and grandchildren, you should get a chance to share your big day with them. Professional photographs are perfect for capturing the romance and the mood of the entire event. It can help you reminisce of a time gone by, and it can help you rekindle the feelings you had when you first got married.

Remember Your Loved Ones With Photography

One of the sad facts of life is that loved ones do eventually pass on. Photographs of your wedding day can help you immortalize those that were there that day, but are no longer with us. It can make your marriage feel even more special, and when you miss a family member, you can fondly look back on those photographs.

We are all guilty of taking loved ones for granted, and just because they’re at your wedding, doesn’t mean they will be around forever. It’s not something that a young couple will want to think about, but it’s always a fact worth considering.

We can’t deny that photography has changed the way we live and the way we remember events and people. Your wedding is an event that’s worth celebrating decades from now, so why not do so with photography? A professional photographer can work with you to capture those little moments that you will want everyone to remember.

The Job Of A Travel Photographer

Today’s travel photographers are much more than simple employees of travel newspapers and magazines. They are artists, explorers, and adventurers at the same time. They are on a mission to discover the world and show it to the rest of us. Also, they need to stay in touch with their peers at any given time, so they are quite active on social media. Their Instagram feed is always thirsty for new adventures, so they can’t let one single day pass without posting a new photo to document their journey.

tools for travel photographer

Travel photographers need to carry around a lot of heavy stuff. They need a vast array of lenses, filters, and other photography accessories. Sometimes they want to take photos of landscapes. Other times they have to take portraits of local people. Some other times they have to take pictures of subjects in motion. All these types of photography call for different lenses. A good travel photographer is going to have all these lenses in their bag. Moreover, they are also going to need a tripod for shootings with long exposure times or for recording videos.

Travel is one of the most comprehensive niches in the industry. These professionals need to expect the unexpected and be ready to immortalize it in their photos. This means they might need more than one camera. There are situations in which a bulky DSLR might frighten potential subjects and make them run away or change their facial expression. A mirrorless camera would be better as it doesn’t draw attention that much.

You may imagine a small camera with a pancake lens could be enough for most situations out there. This is not entirely true. A travel photographer may need to take photos on a safari trip. There’s no way one could photograph a lion or a panther with a fixed focal length lens and get away alive and undamaged. A tele zoom lens is a much better approach to this type of photography. The bigger the zoom, the safer the individual taking the photos. Besides, if you shoot from a distance, you don’t risk to scare away birds and other animals that aren’t used to see humans in their natural habitat.

Travel photographers may also want to take underwater photos, especially if they visit Bali, the Maldives or other similar places. This means they need special equipment and accessories for this kind of projects.

So far, the necessary gear adds up to a considerable weight. Besides, professional photo equipment is expensive, so these people have to be paid very well to be able to make a living from their work. If they spend everything they make on new equipment, they are going to go out of business sooner rather than later. The good news is that photographers have the possibility of multiple income streams. They can sell their work on stock photography websites. They can get commissioned by major media outlets to photo document various stories. They can make books and self-publish them on Amazon. They can start a photography blog and make money from affiliate offers or from selling advertising.

As you can see, the job of a travel photographer can be very demanding. Nonetheless, if you can make it to the top, it can be pretty rewarding as well. Having your photos published in magazines such as National Geographic and Lonely Planet can be an excellent booster of your authority. Once you become famous, many sponsors are going to line up to work with you. You can live a life of adventure while earning money out of it, but you have to work hard to make it happen.

All About Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is taking pictures from the ground with cameras mounted on helicopters, balloons or air crafts. Many amateurs use Oracle rockets or Astro-cams, as they cannot most of them cannot afford to pay for a plane.

Professionally aerial photography can be used for field studies in cinematography, advertising, economical espionage, landing use plans, archaeology and cartography. Companies have small controlled air crafts for aerial photography since flying over residential areas is restricted over certain heights.

Aerial photography can also be used for evaluating large properties or buildings. This is done with a helicopter since the helicopter can manage to stay still compared to an ordinary plane. Using helicopters creates a good environment for taking photos.

The military use spy planes to take photos of the enemy units on the ground. This has helped many countries as it helps them come with military strategies to counter the enemy without having to deploy any troops in the field to investigate.

The tourism industry has benefitted a lot from aerial photography as it has made it easy to market their campgrounds, resort beaches, RV parks and golf courses from above. The scene from above is more eye-catching than taking the photos from the ground.

The sports industry is now able to take photos of a brand new stadium or show the density of the crowds in the stadiums using aerial photography.

When taking aerial photographs, you have to make sure you have a clear plan. It is not economical to fly around taking random photos and missing on the most important images you should have captured. Before you decide to take any pictures, make sure you have a list of all the things you need to capture.

Time spent flying is costly, and no photographer wants to fly taking the same pictures more than once to capture what they should have captured in the previous trips. Take your time and try to research the area you will be capturing from before you fly.

Try to find out more about the routes you will be taking photos and try to see how the place looks at different times of the day. This will help improve the depth and quality of the pictures. Doing this will save you time and money as you will come back to the ground with quality photos.

High humidity can ruin your photos while mist can obscure your subject. To penetrate the haze and increase the color saturation, use a polarizing filter. Never shoot aerial photos when the sun is directly behind you as it makes the pictures look flat. On the same note, you should also avoid shooting any pictures at noon.

To produce high-quality photos, make sure you shoot your photos at a 90-degree angle to the sun. Use the shadows to add depth and contrast to your pictures. It is good to shoot subtle color scales or soft portrait photos during the morning hours.Closed windows may produce reflections. Most aerial photographers open windows to tackle this problem.